Saturday, 6 April 2019

Special services.

Special services

Send Money from Solidtrust pay to :

Solidtrust pay------------> Airtm (min. 5.00$ max 50$)
Solidtrust pay------------> Payeer (min. 5.00$ max 50$)

Send Money from Perfect Money to :

Perfect Money ------------> Airtm (min. 5.00$ max 50$)
Perfect Money ------------> Payeer (min. 5.00$ max 50$)

Send Money from Payeer to :

Payeer ------------> Airtm (min. 5.00$ max 50$)
Airtm  ------------> Payeer (min. 5.00$ max 50$)


Send money to the below account nos.
Payeer number : P1011067934
Solidtrust pay : dasanrudhra1
Perfect Money : Account : U19263031   Payee name : CBD
Airtm :

During sending money use your same username mentioned on Indiaclix, Then submit a support ticket with subject exchanges in Indiaclix with all Transaction details(E-mail id & transaction ID) and the account details where you want your money to be deposited.

Exchanges will be made from Saturday & Sundays 09.00-22.00 (GMT + 5.30)


5.00$ to 10.00$---------------------> 0,30$ + Fees

10.00$ to 50.00$---------------------> 0,60$ + Fees

If you send money to the wrong E-mail ids or Account no, Indiaclix will not be responsible for the loss.
This offer is only for indiaclix members who want to purchase in Indiaclix and other trusted sites.

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